Selling Your Home


tenTop 10 reasons to list with Paul Kakol & your Hunt Country Team

  1. Experience

    I’ve been working in the Real Estate Industry for eight years. I have managed and operated several commercial properties and have also overseen the remodeling and new construction of a shopping center.  And I’m now proud to be affiliated with highly respected brokerage of Middleburg Real Estate | Atoka Properties which has a record of success dating back over 75 years!

  2. Work Ethic

    When I made the move to residential Real Estate, I brought all of that knowledge with me and have made it work for the home buyer and seller.  I am able to keep up with tight timelines and work with outside vendors. I know that working with vendors can be very stressful. I am able to work with the vendors closely and get the desired results.

  3. Local Knowledge

    I am well versed with country properties since I have lived most of my life in a country setting. As a long-time Loudoun resident, I am able to help you navigate a wide array of local service providers for everything from repairs to staging to property valuations.

  4. Hands on

    How often does a homeowner make an addition or finish a basement without permits? More often than you think. My background enables me to help resolve permit issues while adhering to proper and legal channels. Sometimes all we need to do is pull a permit and have the inspectors come and sign off. Other times, we don’t need to do a thing!

  5. Follow-through

    After I sold an estate property near Middleburg, my clients needed help finding experienced farm managers and staff.  We not only stayed around, but we facilitated the hiring process. And, we stayed engaged for several few months afterward to ensure a smooth transition.

  6. Value

    When a client bought an investment property, we stayed in touch and offered advice to make that property more viable and valuable.  Another client had an issue with their home soon after they closing. It appeared to be a serious issue and because we were able to help find the right solution, it turned out to be fairly minor and under $50 to correct.

  7. Negotiation

    We believe in the “art of the deal.”  For us this means that we work with the other side to get desired results. Make no mistake; we FIGHT for our clients but in a fair and equitable way to get a fair and equitable solution for both sides.  Don’t be fooled by other realtors saying that this means we don’t fight for you, in reality, we are fighting for YOU.

  8. Flexible

    Sometimes you just don’t click with your agent; that’s OK! If we don’t have the same ideas, or feel it would be difficult working together, we will happily introduce you to another Realtor.  The Middleburg Real Estate | Atoka Properties team boasts a family of 50 agents and our collective obligation is to ensure client satisfaction!  To our team, the most important thing is our reputation.

  9. The Team

    What really sets us apart from others is the fact that we truly do work with several other agents. This allows us to utilize other’s expertise. NO ONE has all the answers, but we know who will have the answer if we don’t and we are NOT afraid to get help from other agents. We would rather bring others in and make less, so that our clients get the best service.

  10. Satisfaction after the sale

    Perhaps the most important reason to use Hunt Country Solutions is that we will not disappear after closing. Over the years, I’ve heard people complain that once the realtor picks up their check, they pick up and leave. Some people encounter problems after closing; they need reliable contractors to make their new home their dream home. We’re here, and available, after the closing to help your realize your dream!