Even with the housing bubble behind us, now is a good time to recall some lessons learned. Click the graphic below for an excellent article by Beth Braverman on Realtor.com that outlines 5 lessons learned from the housing crisis.  The current market is on track for its best year since 2006 and several indicators such as increased prices, fewer foreclosures, and the number of millennials moving out of parents’ basements and into  the ranks of first time home buyers, can easily overshadow the importance of keeping these lessons in mind:

1. Your home isn’t always an investment

2. Every homeowner should have an emergency fund

3. Beware of risky mortgages

4. Buy what feels comfortable—not what you qualify for

5. Homeownership isn’t for everyone


And, as always, if you have questions about how your own situation can dovetail with current market trends, Hunt Country Solutions is here to help!  Just drop a note or give us a call!  We have the experience to help match your needs and wants with opportunities available in today’s local real estate market.


We’ve been experiencing historically low mortgage interest rates consistently since the markets’ downward turn in 2009.  And, while there’s a good deal of forecasting being done by pundits and lenders alike, it’s generally agreed that they will change – and change upwards in many experts’ opinions.  We’re not here to speculate on the details around how much, when, and what direction the trend lines will be — but we are here to help you take best advantage of the current market conditions, whether it’s to buy a new home or sell your existing house.  We have solid relationships with several mortgage lenders and will be happy to put you in touch with them.  Call us today, and let’s get started!  mrts

After talking about my move into residential real estate with a family friend, he shared a story about his first home buying experience over 30 years ago.  Newly married and wanting to move out of the city, he and his wife were braced for what they expected to be the toughest part of moving from a rented apartment into a first home: picking the property.  After all, that’s all they heard about in their respective offices.  Photos, plat maps, paint and decorating ideas — all hot topics of discussion around the water cooler.  But in their case, it was the down payment that was the hardest part.

Article on About.com about saving for down payment

They didn’t know what to expect, or what their options were.  As a result, the house they decided on after much discussion and shopping, wasn’t to be.  So, for anyone – especially first time home buyers – this article can help you help yourself by being as prepared as possible for all that goes into your biggest investment to date.  And, as always, Hunt Country Solutions will be glad to put you in touch with a mortgage provider that we’ve worked with, and can recommend without reservation. We’re just a phone call or an email away!