Buying Your Home


Your Hunt Country Team is the buyer’s choice!

The local real estate market is constantly changing.  It’s more important than ever that buyers be as prepared as possible before their home search ever begins. When you are contemplating a home search, consider these points:hunt-country-is-the-buyers-choice

  • Speak with a lender- We partner with a variety of mortgage lenders to help you get pre-qualified.
  • Choose a financing program that meets your needs and fits your budget.
  • Make sure you don’t become house poor! I remember buying a home and I was worried about the price and my realtor said things like, “You’ll get raises or you can always refinance.”  Our interests are your best interests and we’ll treat you that way.
  • Set your expectations so the home search is enjoyable. If you need time to get your finances in order, that’s no problem, we can help. Just keep us informed as to where you are in the process. And remember the market changes, so this is important information for us. (see the latest Market Watch video on the home page for more).

How much can you afford?

You’re already aware that purchasing a home is probably the largest investment you will make.  However you may not be aware of the latest options and trends when it comes to the various mortgage products.  In addition to traditional fixed-rate 30 year loans, other options are available that may be better suited to your particular financial situation.

Hunt Country Solutions can help you understand and navigate the application process, and help you select the best mortgage product for your situation. We have relationships with several local mortgage providers who can help you get pre-approved before shopping for a property.

Use the calculator below to get an approximation of the monthly payment based on several factors.  Keep in mind that other costs may be factored into your actual monthly payment, such as mortgage insurance, taxes, and others.