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36470 Main Street, Purcellville

This is the perfect country starter home or a great opportunity to downsize!  Cozy 3 bedroom, 1 ½ bathroom,  country colonial with easy access to town and Route 7!  Perfectly situated on almost 2 wooded and beautifully landscaped acres with four-board fencing and conveniently located across the street from Franklin Park.


Special Features


  • Refinished hardwood floors
  • Updated kitchen & bathroom
  • Spacious family room with wood burning fireplace
  • Screened in porch off of family room (17’8” x 9’9”)
  • Walk up basement
  • Rear entrance with fantastic mudroom

Systems, Wiring & Security

  • Digital wall safe in master bedroom
  • Heating/Cooling System:  Mitsubishi electric split system heat pump, Model MSZ-GE09NA Mister Slim Inverter
  • CAT5, RG6 & fiber optic cable throughout
  • Dedicated 20-amp circuit
  • Wired for in-house security camera system

Expansion Opportunities

  • Unfinished attic – accessible via a full staircase from the 2nd floor – 32’ x 12’.  Check out existing architect plans to finish or create your own design when the time is right!
  • Loads of unfinished space in the basement!
  • Transform the two story 23’ x 23’ outbuilding into a business, workshop or an in-law suite – whatever your heart’s desire!

Actually, the question should be, “When will rates begin increasing?”

Last week, Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen said it will be appropriate for the Fed to raise rates at some point this year.  In a speech to the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce, Yellen highlighted recent improvements in the domestic economy and indicated the Fed should consider raising the federal funds rate target and begin the process of normalizing monetary policy.” You can read the full transcript of her speech here at Business Insider.

So what does this mean to you?  To begin with, we don’t expect any immediate change that would affect mortgage interest rates.  But this does lay the groundwork for financial changes in the coming months that may affect your decision, or ability, to meet your real estate goals.  Whether you’re a potential buyer, or a seller, keeping abreast of changes and trends in mortgage financing is crucial.  Let Hunt Country Solutions be your resource for how industry trends and market changes can factor into your own personal situation.

Fed Chair Janet Yellen

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The squeaky hinge. The leaky faucet. The disorganized, cluttered desk. Hardwood floors that have long lost their shine. The burned out bulbs in the laundry room that make reaching for bleach or fabric softener a game of chances.
Those are all household “tolerations.” Tolerations are those things we, well, tolerate. Looking at it a different way, they are the things that we allow ourselves to live with despite our disapproval of them. We put up with them. We ignore them. We promise to take care of them next week.
I know it sounds weird to speak ill of tolerance, the very concept that allows us to coexist with those who have cultural or political differences than we do. But tolerations are slightly different. There is a dark side to our willingness to put up with these annoyances. These minor nuisances add up and cause low-level, chronic stress. Chronic stress raises cortisol levels, which in turn increases weight gain, inhibits our immune system, and leads to memory loss and impairment.
These tolerations also take away from the comfort of being at home; they detract from that feeling that makes a house into a home. When you tune out the wobbly ceiling fan or the creaky floors, what you’re also doing is putting up a barrier between yourself and your home. You lose the mindfulness that allows you to relax with family after a long day at work. It sounds strange to say that something as minor as peeling wallpaper could make one feel out of place in their own home, but tolerations pile up, and when they do, the serenity of the home is threatened.
The good news is this: You can fix it. And better yet, it’s not that hard to do.  There are 3 simple steps to diagnosing and eliminating tolerations.


First you must become aware of what your tolerations around the house are. This is not easy to do, as we train ourselves to ignore them (that’s how they became tolerations in the first place). So from now on, whenever you feel a tic, whether it be from a dusty ceiling fan or perpetually bunched-up carpet, make a note of it.Jot it down and move on. Compile these notes into a list. That’s all you have to do… For now.


Make a resolution to fix these tolerances. The new year presents you with a fantastic opportunity to make a resolution that has proven health benefits and can help restore the relaxing atmosphere of you home. So, take out your list of tolerations from Step 1 as well as a calendar. Jot down 4 tolerations to tackle each weekend until the list is exhausted. Four is a manageable number and you avoid “burn out” from failing to accomplish all of the goals you laid out for yourself. Chances are, you’ll find yourself doing more than 4, but it’s a good place to start.

Spring Pond Rd - Sam Rees Atoka - laundry room copy3) ACTION

Now the fun part.
Look up solutions to your tolerations. You’ll be surprised to find that for less than $5 and 15 minutes of your time you can complete most tasks. If you are having trouble finding quick fixes, here is a useful database of common problems and simple solutions.
By eliminating these tolerations, you free up your energy and attention to be spent on those things that really matter. Why waste quality time over a loose hinge or humming refrigerator? Don’t wait any longer; putting these off will only make it harder to get started.